Care Tips

Advice & Tips, 3-step process:

Fantastic hair care is key to maintaining luxury extensions, just like your real hair! Below are some cool tips, and we explain our '3-step process' consisting of 1) Shampoo & Condition 2) Protect 3) Seal



Shampoo & Conditioner (choose one e.g. Tresemme):
Shampoo is just an initial stage of care, to clean the hair, the most importance stage is Conditioning - it will bring out the best in your BB Bundles! Conditioning your extensions nourishes, revitalises by infusing the hair with necessary nutrients.
We recommend:
- OGX shampoo and conditioner
- Tresemme shampoo and conditioner


Heat Protectors:
It is important to protect your hair from heat, and heat protecting sprays are a great way to do this Spray sparingly according to bottle instructions before using straighteners/blowdryer
- Tresemme Heat Defence styling spray
- L'oreal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protect styling spray


Serum/oils help moisturise/seal moisture in hair extensions. A small amount should be worked through the hair with your fingers from time to time (e.g twice a week or after a deep condition) - at styling stage. Do not overload on the product so your hair doesn't appear greasy and oily.
We reccomend:
- Oils: Argan oil, Defrizz Kukui oil by Ogx.